Olive Oil Soap

Our Philosophy



    Linden Row Botanicals is committed to providing handmade, pure, nourishing products that are not only simple but beautiful.  Because we firmly believe that God gifted us with healing plants, we strive to study herbalism and natural body product development to better use these God given gifts.  At Linden Row Botanicals, we are excited to return to traditional ways that support both our local community and sustainable living.

    Our family business (Linden Row Botanicals) was founded by Jill Hutchinson in 2014 in Woodstock, Georgia to provide safe and nourishing products for her family and friends.  With this vision came beautiful, gentle products free of harmful chemicals.

   All of our offerings are created from the highest quality organic and natural ingredients infused herbal oils and unique essential oil blends.  These luxury skincare and lifestyle goods are made with care by hand in small artisan batches that will nourish the skin and soothe the soul. 

   We invite you to be part of the Linden Row Botanicals story and welcome your ideas and feedback. Please join us on your favorite social sites – you can find us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, or email us your thoughts.

    You can enjoy all of our top quality soaps, body butters, salves, and other goods without concern.  Let Linden Row Botanicals help make the simple moments in each day a delight.